Technology Strategy

How many times has your company wanted to take on new business, introduce a new product, or expedite growth in specific areas but experienced issues because of the lack of system flexibility, lack of resources, or inability to adapt organizationally in an expedient manner? How long does it take to retrieve information to make decisions or respond to an adverse event?

We believe in helping our clients be proactive and response-able to both crisis and opportunity. If resources, both tangible and intangible, are constantly operating at subsistence level, growth is hindered and the ability to adapt to market changes is limited or non-existent.

EKP assists corporations through successful technology transformations and implementations across a wide variety of large, complex initiatives by working side by side with our clients, through real-time knowledge transfer, managing the organizational change process at each phase. Our process helps you embrace sustainable change while increasing efficiencies.

We also provide interim leaders such as CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, and others to help our clients through leadership changes and organizational transformations.