“There are risks and costs to a program of action - but they are far less than the long range cost of comfortable inaction.” - John F. Kennedy


Security / Risk Posture Assessments

Security and risk posture assessments are one of the best ways to understand your security/risk maturity and evaluate your true risk from cyber threats.

Done right, it provides cost savings, overall performance and improves your credibility.

EKP's posture assessments provide an exhaustive, yet cost effective, examination of your environment in a proven and methodical approach. We utilize our custom security and risk maturity model, based upon NIST and DoD standards, and apply a common sense mapping to your normal course of business, thereby putting risk into perspective without a lot of fancy terms and scare tactics.

No pain is our pleasure. We don't dramatize cyber threats, and we don't want co-dependent relationships with our customers. We leave our customers more educated, informed and empowered in all their decisions and actions.

Our security and risk posture assessments include, but are not limited to:

  • External reconnaissance scanning

  • Penetration testing

  • Vulnerability scanning

  • Infrastructure design and hardening

  • Application security testing

  • Device and tool configuration review

  • Wireless network testing

  • Industry / regulatory compliance and best practice

  • Third party compliance and integration testing

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