Security and Compliance for Law Firms

From the perspective of a malicious hacker, it is much easier to attempt a break in at the law firm of a large company than the company itself.

Law firms have unique needs for security and compliance. They are the second and third party receivers of highly confidential information from both their clients and the clients of opposing counsel. Many firms do not have the basic protections, both systematic and process based, to truly secure the confidential information they are entrusted with on behalf of their clients. In addition, education programs for attorneys and law firms often do not address security and compliance as related to both their professional responsibility and various regulations concerning the electronic interactions they have with their clients.

Modernizing firm practices and technologies are challenging and often require mitigating processes.

  • Risk assessments for law firms

  • Infrastructure and application security validations and assessments

  • Breach remediation and response planning, testing, and implementation

  • Follow-on compliance programs to ensure consistent policy enforcement

  • Insurance evaluations and options for cyber security provisions and incident response coverage

  • Training for compliance requirements and general education on data security and privacy

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