Internal Investigations

Internal Investigations are a vital part of any security program.

Unfortunately, the majority of issues, like fraud and exfiltration of confidential data, are internal to the organization. Many times it's a result of ignorance of internal policies, poor security practices, or simple mistakes.

EKP helps organizations develop and perform their internal investigative actions through unbiased, professional and intuitive methods that allows for anonimity of all parties involved. Our processes are culturally sensitive and avoid or limit organizational disruptions but still get the job done with court defensible results. A good internal investigation will not compromise the relationships with innocent employees or damage reputations. Our experts possess a breadth of skills and experience and provide our clients with a critical, multidisciplinary approach to the problems they confront. We are also skilled in legal discovery to ensure that examinations of evidence, interviews, and any other activities are performed only as necessary and with the highest level of legal and ethical compliance.

EKP has the breadth of resources to provide a full range of investigative solutions to best suit your needs and organizational goals.

Examples of the types of investigations and services we have performed include, but not limited to:

  • Data breach investigations

  • Harassment

  • Physical theft of assets

  • Insider trading

  • Supply chain/procurement policy violation

  • Poor audit and compliance findings with follow-on investigations

  • Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) violations

  • Intellectual Property theft

  • Development of policy and policy audit procedures for corporate internal security, legal, audit, and compliance teams

Clients are provided with best practice techniques, processes and relevant advice on ways to prevent further incidents.

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