Hosting, Review, and Processing

Since technology assisted review (TAR) platforms came on the market, it was clear that determining the right service provider and tool can make a huge difference in the cost of litigation and a successful outcome.

And, it still can and does. Some things don't change.

What has changed is the ability to provide the fastest and most comprehensive, defensible processes using vetted experts regardless of the size of data, type of data or matter. The cost of discovery, the tool used and the ability for your service provider to "ramp up" efficiently should not determine your ability to litigate.

EKP is a not just a vendor, we are a partner who can provide the technology, eDiscovery, compliance, forensics, industry services and consultation. We know a single size solution or service does not fit every matter. Therefore, we offer a variety of tools, services, consultation, fee schedules with on-hand seasoned experts and dedicated project managers who understand what it means to be service-oriented and accountable. We adapt our approach to your matter size and budget.

  • World class security infrastructure

  • Rigorous quality control

  • Transparent processes throughout

  • Full lifecycle support

  • Dedicated and highly experienced account mangers

At every juncture, we provide the accuracy, transparency and accountability combined with cost efficient, timely process to enable your eDiscovery processes to stand up to the rigors of examination by regulators or in court.

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