Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise architecture, as part of our technology strategic planning services, is equivalent to a master blueprint aligning business planning, operations, infrastructure and service automation.

It is the foundation upon which to base most applications and infrastructure.

EKP offers a comprehensive set of services, from design and implementation, to general mentoring and training. EKP consultants have the deep, specialized expertise you need to help define and implement your goals. We emphasize reduction in unnecessary complexity, service re-usability, flexible architectures and the ability to adapt to a changing marketplace while limiting maintenance costs. Most importantly, we architect to reduce overall risk.

Our team has “been there done that” and we can see the issues that may arise prospectively and help you to avoid them while maintaining the speed you need to develop and execute before the strategic advantage is lost.

At EKP, organizational agility is not a rhetorical statement, it’s a way of life.

  • Enterprise architecture consulting and training

  • Architectural governance

  • Methodology framework development, model development and management

  • Transition planning, segment architecture, solution architecture

  • Outsourcing and distributed workforce collaboration

  • Decision support, report development, portfolio analysis and architecture analytics

  • Rapid application development and prototyping to gauge immediate business impact and potential ROI

  • Business aligned technology strategy roadmaps with ROI based prioritization

Because we believe in a holistic approach, we simultaneously include security, compliance, and legal defensibility for all systems, processes and implementations.

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