We provide expert consultation support for all phases of the electronic discovery and forensics process, and our holistic business and technology expertise enables us to be cost-effective and secure.

Our services range from identification to hosting, analytics through production. We offer 26(f) advisory services and experienced experts for 30(b)(6) preparation, deposition, and testifying.

We use advanced, validated hardware and software tools that provide comprehensive capabilities and solutions. We avoid a one-size-fits-all mentality and will accommodate for the best-fitted tool for a case. We have multiple review tools available and can also support the tool of choice for our clients.

Our “Big Data” tools and analysis provide the 4 V’s: volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. With EKP you get lower tool costs and per-GB processing with increased analytics on all data types and volume levels.

Clients include small businesses and law firms to large corporations with multiple firms and multi-national matters with flexible pricing models, services and tools to support all sizes of budgets.

Make EKP your trusted advisor and vendor for all things eDiscovery.


EKP's forensic experts teams are certified in multiple tools and all are vetted court experts . Our forensics services are used in internal investigations, litigation, security incidents, data recovery and general validation services. We perform collection and analysis in our onsite labs, as well as remote extractions, on a variety of devices, appliances, mobile, social media and cloud services.

Unlike other firms, we specialize in many types of data including unstructured , semi-structured, structured, NoSQL, and a broad range of internet related / cloud based information. We perform memory analysis, disk analysis, extract and analyze virtual servers, logs, and network appliances. We have even performed some unique extraction and analysis services on automobile computers, health care devices, manufacturing tools, CnCs, and more.

Our data analytic and review processes are able to correlate disparate forensic information extractions from multiple sources to provide a “story board” of interactions in evidence analysis.

Underpinning our team is a strong understanding of your information technology environment and business processes. We pride ourselves in minimizing disruptions to the business while providing the best, legally defensible service.

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