“Preservation is the most important issue [in defensible practices]: you need to keep whatever is required for regulatory and business needs, and the more organized your approach …..the lower your cost likely will be in litigation.” - Judge Andrew Peck


eDiscovery Consulting

Legal holds, data preservation, litigation triggers, regulatory investigations, audits, internal investigations, are all happening with much greater frequency.

EKP can manage the entire project for you or consult, advise, and implement any one piece. We collaborate, perform, and advise to ensure all your angles are covered, your processes are defensible, and you improve your chances for a favorable outcome.

We will help you with your current matters, guide you to best , most cost efficient resolutions and in the process advise on the how to become more efficient, decrease costs, and if possible, help to prevent the event from happening again. No matter the event, EKP will leave you better off than when we started.

We have a staff of certified ACEDS, forensics experts, Industry experts, legal counsel, technology, security and electronic discovery software experts in multiple tools.

  • Create discovery requests, rebuttals, and determine relevant ESI

  • Liaison between Legal and IT, records management, compliance, security, human resources, operations, external counsel,

  • Provide process and tool training

  • Project manage all parties including third party vendors to internal staff

  • Provide oversight and third party attestation in every phase of eDiscovery

  • Advise and consult on legal hold processes

  • Full discovery, forensic processes for small to medium matters*

  • In-depth industry-based system expertise to determine relevant data sources, key search terms

  • Strategies for virtual systems, cloud based service providers, and social media

  • Complete rule 26(f) preparation including ESI protocol templates, and compliance with state and federal rules 16, 33, 34, 37, and 45

*Assuming no conflicts or bias if acting simultaneously in a consulting role

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