Business Process Analysis and Reengineering

As part of our overall enterprise applications practice or as a stand-alone service, we offer BPA (Business Process Analysis) and BPR (Business Process Re-engineering).

Process analysis and reengineering is a critical look at how processes are being performed, with or without automation. Its primary purpose is to remain efficient and to look for “gaps” where the process prevents the organization from reaching its goals or gaps in the system’s ability to support current or future business needs.

Many “best practice” analysis techniques focus on current state until completed and then move to future state. Manual efforts to map are time consuming and the environment has often changed by the time the results are completed. In addition, for change-resistant cultures, focusing exclusively on the current state often leads to a re-justification of the current processes and systems, making it harder to change. Finding gaps in manual processes can also damage morale, specifically in highly tenured organizations.

We have a proven, unique parallel methodology using a combination of commercial tool sets and manual processes to perform simultaneous current and future state analysis. We engage all parties to help identify efficiency savings, begin to embrace the process changes immediately, and rapidly drill through all levels of functional and technical requirements to avoid organizational fatigue.

Furthermore, we have highly experienced, holistic team performing the analysis and re-engineering, combining functional industry knowledge, in-depth technical, security, and compliance knowledge to provide our clients the most comprehensive solution in a expedient manner.